A lively and attractive tour

The Marseille History Museum

The lively and attractive tour of the Museum makes it possible to discover 26 centuries of existence of the oldest city in France thanks to 4,000 exhibits on display and a hundred multimedia devices.

Background image: Roman wreck of the Bourse, second half of the 2nd century AD/ Credits: Roland Carta Architects/ Studio Adeline Rispal/Photography Serge Demailly

Visiting the Museum: practical information

A travel in time and space

The digital extension of the Museum

Accessible on smartphone or tablet, the mobile application of the History Museum of Marseille allows to live a journey in time and space around the site of the Port Antique and the oldest street of France: 3D reconstructions, videos, archive footage, comments, and interviews with experts...

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Modélisation de Marseille en 3D


Discover the interactive map

Browse the Historical Journey of Marseilles, modelled in 3D, in search of the sites… that you will come to visit.

Already on site? To visit the Historical Journey of Marseilles, thanks to the augmented reality, download the application, choose a period, keep your eyes and ears open… and walk through History.