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Fonded in 1983, a stone's throw from the Old Port, the History Museum d’Histoire of Marseille was fully renovated on its reopening in 2013.

The new architecture recreates an intimate link between the city, its museum and the archaeological site. Its screen printed glass façade is the setting for the whole site of the Ancient Port preserved in the garden, a genuine museum room open to the sky and leaning against the Centre Bourse.

The building houses a reference exhibition of 3,500 m2, temporary exhibition spaces, a workshop for school pupils, an auditorium with 200 seats and a documentation centre with a graphic arts collection.

The archaeological site and the interior spaces of the museum extends over more than 15,000 m2, making it one of the greatest history museums in France and in Europe.

Share the pleasure of (re)discovering the city of Marseilles

More than 2,600 years of history to browse

The new museum circuit is based on two strong ideas: Marseilles is the oldest city in France and it is an open port city on the Mediterranean Sea. Starting from these two obvious points, the visitor discovers the history of the city thanks to a maritime Ariane’s Thread linking thirteen chronological sequences, from the first prehistoric occupations to contemporary urban developments.

Thanks to the research of scientists and to documentation on the exhibits of the collection, the experience of the museum tells of the men and women, unknown or famous, who participated in the history of Marseilles.

A living and innovative museum for all audiences

Restoration, multimedia, films, children’s tour

Each historical sequence of the museum circuit is deployed around a major emblematic object of the city.

Virtually present, archaeologists and historians greet visitors and introduce the character of a great witness (sailor and geographer Pytheas, the Alexandre Dumas hero Edmond Dantes etc.) summoned to discover the exhibited objects. Each stage of the visit is enriched with many films and interactive multimedia that give life to objects and context to the introduction of the collections. Incorporated in the itinerary of the permanent collections, "Historical ports of call" are experimentation modules designed for a young audience.

To initiate, manipulate, experiment: to have fun when learning!


2 Rue Henri Barbusse, 13001 Marseille
Tel.: Administrative office: 04 91 55 369 00 / Reception and ticketing: 04 91 55 36 63
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Tuesday to Sunday:
from 10ham to 6pm
> Fermeture hebdomadaire le lundi, sauf les lundis de Pâques et de Pentecôte
> Fermeture les jours fériés suivants : 1er janvier, 1er mai, 1er novembre, 25 décembre ainsi que le 26 décembre.
Exposition permanente : plein tarif 6 euros - tarif réduit 3 euros (sur présentation de justificatifs, renseignements à l'accueil/billetterie)
Billet couplé expositions permanente et temporaire : plein tarif 10 euros / 8 euros / 5 euros ( en fonction de la catégorie de l'exposition) - tarif réduit : 8 euros / 5 euros / 3 euros
Free entrance exhibition pack in sequence 13
Entrée libre le premier dimanche du mois
Accès libre à l’auditorium du musée pour les événements programmés dans le cadre de la programmation culturelle du musée, dans la limite des 200 places disponibles.
Open from Tuesday to Friday from 10am à 5pm only on appointment
+33 (0) 4 91 55 36 08 -
Online catalogue of reference books:
Subway 1 Vieux-Port or Colbert / Subway 2 Noailles
Tramway 2 Belsunce-Alcazar. Bus 35, 49, 55
Parking Centre-Bourse
Disabled access


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The archaeological site of the Bourse - Ancient Port

The site of the Ancient port, a real open sky exhibition within the museum, gives the results of the first great archaeological urban dig in France (1967-83). Reflecting the early days of the oldest city in France, this search has been motivated by the construction of an administrative and commercial complex - the future Centre Bourse - where the existence of remains was known since 1913 when the wall known as "Crinas” was discovered .
The archaeology notably revealed an unsuspected topography for the ancient city.

Access to the Ancient port via the museum lobby, once admission to the museum has been paid: full price 6 euros/ reduced 3 euros.

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The Historical Path

Utilisation de l'application "Musée d'Histoire de Marseille"

The Historical Path is a major heritage focus for the city of Marseilles. By linking the History Museum of Marseilles all the way to the MuCEM, this route allows you to cross the ancient city of Marseilles from east to west, from one gate of the city to the other.

Accessible on smartphone or tablet, using access streaming programs with google map location give a unique live visual and sound experience, a trip in time and space around the most ancient street in France: reconstructions, archive images, comments, interviews with specialists etc.

Remember to activate your Google Map location options!


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Documentation centre of the History Museum of Marseilles

Salle de lecture - Centre de documentation du musée d'Histoire

The Documentation Centre of the History Museum of Marseilles, consisting of a library and a video library, offers to the whole public the opportunity to consult its documentary resources linked to the history of Marseilles and Provence.


It is a well-stocked library accessible to all audiences

In a new fully renovated space, overhanging the exhibition spaces, the library offers free access to specialized documentation on the history of Marseilles, Provence and the Mediterranean basin.

Accessible to everyone, including researchers and students, it also allows the museum audience to extend their visit by obtaining documentation on the collections.

More than 16,000 monograph works, 140 periodical titles and a thematic press review on Marseilles are thus available in the reading room, which can accommodate 25 persons.


An audio-visual catalogue of more than 600 titles

Four video consultation stations are made available to the public to watch or revisit a collection of more than 600 documentary or fictional films (VHS or DVD) that the History Museum has acquired since 1983. The films, produced for the reopening of the History Museum of Marseilles and distributed in the permanent exhibition space, can be consulted at the documentation centre.

A true source of information, these short films give context to the objects in the museum collection and provide reading keys for a better understanding of the history of the city.



Practical informations :

By appointment only

Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 5pm

Tel: 04 91 55 36 08


Online catalogue of collection of works:

Audiovisual collection catalogue that can be consulted on site.

Access: go to reception/ticketing at the History Museum of Marseilles, on the day of the appointment.

An agent of the documentation centre will welcome you and take you to the centre.





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