Audio guide tours for adults and adolescents

To discover its permanent collections, the History Museum offers an audio guide experience in French, English and Italian.

The visitor thus discovers the words of the museum specialists responsible for each of the sequences. There is also a version designed for adolescents (11-16 years) who will thus be able to be accompanied in their "exploration" by the comments of a sister and her little brother.

This system of mobile listening (headset) is available free of charge at the reception desk of the Museum once admission has been paid.


Enjoy your visit!

Help with visiting the museum

Find below Help with visiting the museum, for a fully independent tour.



Admission fees:

Entrance to the museum is free for the disabled and their potential carers on presentation of proof: Inclusion Mobility Card (CMI) - which since 1 January 2017 replaces the Disability Card - issued by a Departmental home for persons with disabilities, or equivalent foreign certificate, supported by ID with photograph.
This free admission also applies to temporary exhibitions and permanent collections. In November 2016, the History Museum of Marseilles was awarded the Tourism and Disability label, thus recognizing the implementation of means of ensuring a welcome of quality and special facilities for individual visitors or groups.


Three visits to FSN are programmed for 2018 (on registration:

  • Sunday 27 May from 10.30am to 12pm: visit of the exhibition "Marseilles and May '68" (adult audience)
  • Saturday 20 October from 2pm to 3.30pm: visit to the memorial of La Marseillaise (family audience)
  • Sunday 25 November from 2pm to 3.30pm: visit to the exhibition "Marseilles and the epic story behind the Suez Canal" (adult audience)

Access to the museum for Persons with Reduced Mobility is available either via the entrance located in the shopping mall of the Centre Bourse, or by the PRM door which is located at the end of the pedestrian area.

To access the plan click here !

Access via the shopping mall is possible from Tuesday to Saturday.

Centre Bourse History Museum Car Park (Tel.: 04 91 91 19 23) communicates with the museum through its direct access in the pedestrian area and in the Centre Bourse shopping mall. In total 36 PRM spaces are divided between Levels - 1 and -3 of the car park. It is open 24/7. The whole museum is provided with PRM elevators. A plan is displayed in front of each elevator.
To facilitate your visit:
For people tiring quickly, folding seats are available on request at reception, in addition to rest areas scattered along the route. A wheelchair is available on request at reception.
Dogs accompanying blind visitors are welcome.
For the visually impaired, the use of the Mobile Listening System can be a good support for the visit. Composed of a headset and a device worn like a necklace, they are available free of charge at the reception of the museum.
Four models in Braille are proposed during the itinerary of the permanent collections.

- Model representing the relics of the archaeological site of the Bourse - Ancient Port - 6th century BC to the present day (Sequence 3).

- Model reproducing the Church of Malaval (5th - 6th century AD) updated during a dig in the neighbourhood of La Joliette prior to the construction of a car park. Sequence 5: From the ancient city to the medieval city.

- Model representing the Arsenal des Galères (the Galley Arsenal) on the port of Marseilles (Sequence 8: Marseilles and the Sun King, the century of Louis XIV).

- Model of the Docks of La Joliette (1864) meeting point for goods between the port and the railway (sequence 10: A port, industries and men: Marseilles in the 19th century).
An audio description of these models is also available on the mobile listening system.


For persons who are deaf or hard of hearing and who have hearing aids with the T sound position, the museum auditorium and the mobile listening system (free access from reception) are equipped with a magnetic
induction loop.
A visit using FSL is programmed at the History Museum on the afternoon of 3 December 2017 (precise schedule to be defined)
The mobile listening systems offer a simplified version aimed at adolescents. This version can be adapted for persons with a mental disability.